Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My First Experience

Hi Friend, I am Sunny( Name changed to synonym :) ) . I am of 26 years. I am here to share some of the truths of sexual life.
          I am from a medium class family. We are the family of 4 people. We live in an apartment which is located in the city of Pune. We are living here since my childhood.
          When I was growing young, I always use to think ' why women use to wear so much of clothes?' . Why they wear bra,blouse etc ? It was certainly a big question for me. Whenever, I used to be alone in the house, I tried to wear clothes of my mummy and sister. I tried with their bra and blouse. I tried to be a woman. I used to wear saree. Applied leap-stick and did make-up. When growing up, I found I'm having breast of some size. I read somewhere to apply oil to them to make good growth of them.I can understand you guys must be feeling very irritating about me.Its all right.
           Few month letter, I was sitting in my neighbor's house. My neighbor's name is Suvarna. She was around 30 years of age. She is dark in color but looks smart due to her maintained figure. She called me to have tea in the evening.My parents were out of city for some reason. I was waiting for the tea. With some wait, she came with tea in one hand and biscuits in other hand. As soon as she bent down to put those things down, her saree slept of her shoulder. With both the hands busy, she did not make any attempt to cover her boobs.This is first time, I saw a woman with only blouse. I was staring at them. In second or two, I start looking at tea and she went away. I was of 15 years of age at that time. She did not feel ashamed as she use to consider me as a small boy (at 15 :) ).
            Because of the incident, I started getting attracted toward herself. I could not slept that night. I was thinking about her big boobs. On the second day, she called me for lunch. I was eager to go at her house. At 1:00 PM , I went to her house. House maid was cleaning the house hence she asked me to wait in the bedroom. As soon as I went in the bedroom, I saw the same blouse she wore last evening was kept near cupboard. I assumed Suvarna as that blouse and started pressing boobs in the blouse. Meanwhile, Suvarna called me in the kitchen.I got scared. I theft that blouse and kept in my underwear. I went home lying her and kept blouse hidden.
          In the afternoon, I was trying her blouse and suddenly  bell rang. I wore shirt on blouse and went outside. Suvarna was at door. She came to call me for tea. I though she noticed me wearing something inside. She laughed and went. I was shy.
         Next day morning I was going to school and getting ready. Suvarna came to our house. I was making my shirt in. She told I am not doing right thing. She eagerly came forward and said she will help me. She sat on her knees.She was wearing lemon color saree and matching blouse. She was looking hot. She started putting my shirt in. Meanwhile, her saree dropped from her shoulder. I was feeling hot seeing her boobs from her big naked  blouse. My baboo stood up. I was loosing control. She understood that. She took her right hand inside from my pant zip. She holded my penis in her hand and started playing. I was shying. I was afraid. She left me and went to her house. In the evening she asked me to stay at her house as her husband was moved out of city for some reason. She was in the house with her 10 year daughter.I was really afraid of these things.
    In the night, I was sleeping in the another bedroom. She came in the night and said she is having savior pain the breast. I asked if we can consult a doctor. She gave me a oil asked me to apply on her boobs. I was ashamed of doing so. She forcefully put my hand on her blouse.I was stunned. I started pressing her boobs and she started getting hotter,. Then we slept on the bed 


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